About the Northern California Spelmanslag

The Northern California Spelmanslag is a non-profit public benefit corporation which aims to promote Scandinavian music, dance and culture through special workshops, regular meetings, concerts and performances. The organization consists of a central organization and four member groups: Nordahl Grieg Leikarring, Nordic Footnotes, Mid-Peninsula Scandinavian Dance Group, and Scandiadans. In addition to dance groups, the Spelmanslag contains many members who are active in playing Scandinavian music, loosely organized in playing groups by locality.

NCS organizes and presents festivals which include extensive instruction in both folk dance and folk music, concerts with dance demonstrations, and dance parties. We also play host to visiting musicians, and organize musicians' workshops, concerts, and/or dances in conjunction with their visits.

We hold regular meetings for musicians in three locations where Scandinavian folk music is taught and shared, and we have been successful in introducing newcomers to Scandinavian music and dance. The Spelmanslag sponsors regular Scandinavian dance classes via Mid-Peninsula Dance Group, Nordahl Grieg Leikarring, and Scandiadans, and has provided these and other groups with non-profit status and insurance coverage.

The Spelmanslag works with other Scandinavian organizations in promoting Scandinavian culture. We provide performances of Scandinavian folk music and dance for other Scandinavian organizations and for the general public. We maintain contacts with numerous Scandinavian organizations and agencies, promote communication and inform them of our activities. We also seek to promote communication and cooperation among various groups across the United States who are involved in organizing events promoting Scandinavian folk music and dance. In the past, we have cooperated with several groups around the country in organizing tours of Scandinavian guest instructors. 

Board of Directors

The Northern California Spelmanslag has a board of 11 members. Current directors are: If you would like to provide any comments or suggestions regarding Spelmanslag activities, please call or email one of the board members with your ideas and opinions. You are welcome to attend board meetings. If you are interested in being a board member (particularly if you are a musician), please let one of the board members know. Normally, elections for the board take place on the first Saturday of October. Call Jeanne Sawyer for the time and place of board meetings.

NCS Board Guidelines for Discussions and Decisions

NCS Board Guidelines for Proposals for Events

Organizational Affiliations

Folk Dance Federation of California. The Northern California Spelmanslag is a club under the Folk Dance Federation of California. The Spelmanslag obtains its liability insurance through the Folk Dance Federation.

The Nordahl Grieg Leikkarring og Spelemanslag is a member group of the Northern California Spelmanslag.

Nordic Footnotes is a member group of the Northern California Spelmanslag.

Mid-Peninsula Scandinavian Dancers is a member group of the Northern California Spelmanslag.

Scandiadans is a member group of the Northern California Spelmanslag.

The Northern California Spelmanslag also cooperates with other Scandinavian organizations such as the Swedish and Norwegian consulates, the local Sons of Norway and VASA lodges, and the American Scandinavian Foundation. Maintaining communication and mutual support between the Spelmanslag and various other Scandinavian organizations in Northern California is one of the goals of the Spelmanslag. 

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Last update 2/7/2014.