The Northern California Spelmanslag

The Northern California Spelmanslag is a non-profit public benefit corporation which aims to promote Scandinavian music, dance and culture through special workshops, regular meetings, concerts and performances. The organization consists of a central organization and four member groups: the Mid-Peninsula Scandinavian Dance Group, Nordahl Grieg Leikarring (and Nordahl Grieg Spelemannslag), Nordic Footnotes, and Scandiadans Scandinavian dance class. The Spelmanslag also contains many individual members who are active in dancing or in playing Scandinavian music, loosely organized in groups by locality.

The Spelmanslag publishes the Northern California Spelmanslag News quarterly. The first volume was issued in September of 1990 and this issue completes our eleventh volume. The newsletter keeps musicians, dancers, and members of the Scandinavian community informed regarding our activities. The newsletter includes a calendar of Scandinavian folk music and dance activities as well as related cultural events in northern California and elsewhere, news about the Spelmanslag organization, and articles of general interest.

The Northern California Spelmanslag maintains an internet web page at < little/ncs.html>. Besides basic information about the spelmanslag organization, this page includes a regularly updated calendar of Scandinavian events in northern California, the US, and, to some extent, in Scandinavia. It also includes an online version of the Northern California Spelmanslag Newsletter, links to other web sites, a list of members of the board, their phone numbers and email addresses, and tips for planning events and submitting event ideas to the board for approval.

The Spelmanslag has worked with other Scandinavian organizations in promoting Scandinavian culture. We have maintained contacts with numerous Scandinavian organizations and agencies, promoting communication and informing them of our activities. We have also sought to promote communication and cooperation between various groups across the country which promote Scandinavian culture. We mail copies of our newsletter to individuals and groups across the United States who are involved in organizing events which promote Scandinavian folk music and dance. The newsletter keeps them informed regarding Scandinavian folk dance and music activities in Northern California, and provides an outlet for them to inform others of their local special events. We have cooperated with several groups around the country in organizing tours of Scandinavian guest instructors of both music and dance.
In future years, we intend to continue striving towards our goals of promoting Scandinavian folk culture and cultural exchange. We will remain active in bringing instructors from Scandinavia to teach folk dance and music, and will continue to hold regular meetings for musicians and dancers. We hope to further develop the sense of community among local musicians and dancers, and will continue to work together with the larger Scandinavian community both locally and across the country.

The Board and Board Meetings

The Northern California Spelmanslag has a board of 11 directors. Current members are:

Jeanne Sawyer, President, (408) 929-5602
Betsy McKone, Vice-President, (415) 368-8006
Jim Little, Treasurer, (650) 323-2256
Frank Tripi, Secretary, (510) 654-3636
Fred Bialy, (510) 215-5974
Sarah Kirton, (650) 968-3126
Susan Overhauser, (510) 222-2023
Linda Persson, (650) 323-2256
Henry Sawyer, (408) 929-5602
Mikkel Thompson, (408) 998-2076
Jane Tripi, (510) 654-3636

An as yet un-named board member representing the Nordahl Grieg Leikarring is expected to join us soon.

If you would like to offer input regarding Spelmanslag activities or would like to become actively involved, please contact one of the directors with your ideas and suggestions. You are welcome to attend board meetings.

If you are interested in being a board member, please let one of our current directors know. Normally, elections for the board take place on the first Saturday of October. Call Jeanne Sawyer for the time and place of board meetings

Organizational Affiliations

Folk Dance Federation of California.
The Northern California Spelmanslag is a club under the Folk Dance Federation of California. The Spelmanslag obtains its liability insurance through the Folk Dance Federation.

The Northern California Spelmanslag cooperates with other Scandinavian organizations such as the Swedish and Norwegian consulates, The Norway Day Festival, local Sons of Norway and VASA lodges, and the American Scandinavian Foundation.

The Year in Review: 1999 -2000

During the 1999/2000 fiscal year, NCS has held regular meetings for musicians in two Northern California locations where Scandinavian folk music has been taught and shared. The Spelmanslag also sponsors regular Scandinavian dance classes via the MidPeninsula Dancers, Scandiadans, and the Nordahl Grieg Leikarring, and has provided these and other groups with non-profit status and insurance coverage. Through these regular activities, we have been successful in introducing newcomers to Scandinavian music and dance.

During the year, the NCS, together with the American Nyckelharpa Association (ANA) arranged a nyckelharpa workshop with Peter "Puma" Hedlund. The workshop was a success, with about 20 attendees, mostly from the western United States.

The Nordahl Grieg Leikarring and Spelemannslag hosted weekend workshops at the Sons of Norway Camp near Alta, California in November 1999, and April 2000. The Barneleikarrings associated with the Nordahl Grieg Leikarring hosted a Family Dance weekend at Camp Norge, Alta, California, in November 1999.

NCS have also provided performances of Scandinavian folk music and dance for other Scandinavian organizations and for the general public (see the table of activities and performances included in this report). The Nordahl Grieg Leikarring continues to be a busy performing group with over 20 appearances.

Financial Policies

All activities of the Northern California Spelmanslag are organized and provided by volunteer services. Board members receive no compensation for their services. Volunteers do not typically receive free admission to events.

The Spelmanslag does pay guest instructors to cover their expenses; typically we are able to cover airfare and a stipend which should cover their ground travel and per diem expenses while in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Admission costs to special event workshops are based at cost divided by expected attendance. Admission to concerts and dances is based at or slightly above cost. Any profit above expenses is deposited in Spelmanslag accounts for use in future special events. There is no admission charge for regular musicians’ gatherings.

Financial policies may vary somewhat for member groups.

Financial Goals

Our financial goal as an organization is to develop a reserve fund equivalent to the total budget for a special event festival (typically $8,000 to $12,000), plus the annual budget for the newsletter (approximately $2,500). This brings our goal to about $15,000 for the central NCS account. Having this amount in our account would allow us more leverage in organizing special festivals, and would allow us to take risks such as sponsoring a festival of music and dance from less-known regions of Scandinavia. Our financial reserve allows us to pay for up-front expenses (airfare, hall deposits, publicity) as they occur.
The central NCS account has continued to obtain contributions from members and individuals who wish to promote Scandinavian folk music and dance. However, these contributions do not yet cover the annual cost of producing the NCS news. We hope in future years to increase contributions in order to fully support the newsletter and to increase our reserve fund. §

Financial Report

The Northern California Spelmanslag operates on a fiscal year which runs from October 1 through September 30.

The treasurer, Jim Little, has prepared the financial statement for the Northern California Spelmanslag. This report is a consolidated report reflecting the activities of the central NCS organization, Nordic Footnotes, Mid-Peninsula Dancers, Scandiadans, and the Nordahl Grieg Leikarring and Spelemannslag. Please note that only the income and expenses which fall in the fiscal year of 10/1/99 - 9/30/00 are reported.

Annual Financial Statement
October 1, 1999 to September 30, 2000

Income from Activities
Cassette Sales
Insurance Reimbursement
Miscellaneous Income
ANA/NCS Nyckelharpa     Stämma 1999
Nordahl Grieg Leikkarring og Spelemanslag
Logo & Merchandise Sales
Hall Rental Deposit Refund
Music Book sales
Tapes & CD Sales
Camp Norge Registration Fees
Miscellaneous Income
Mid-Peninsula Scandinavian Dance
Bi-Weekly Dances
Weekly Dances
Nordic Footnotes
Monthly Dances
Total Income from Activities
Income from Contributions and Grants
Nordahl Grieg Leikkarring og Spelemanslag
Mid-Peninsula Scandinavian Dance
Nordic Footnotes
Total Income from Contributions and Grants
Interest Income
Nordahl Grieg Leikkarring og Spelemanslag
Mid-Peninsula Scandinavian Dance
Nordic Footnotes
Total Interest Income
Total Income
Cassette Costs
Hall Rental
Newsletter Printing
Fliers Printing
Teachers and Fiddlers
Filing Fees, Memberships & Equipment Rental
Nordahl Grieg Leikkarring og Spelemanslag
Travel, Advances, Reimbursements
CD Production & Studio Rental
Printing & Postage
Costume Fabric
"Camp Norge Rent, Food,Dishwashing, Adv.
Sound Technicians
Miscellaneous Expenses
Mid-Peninsula Scandinavian Dance
Folk Dance Federation Dues
Refreshments & Recorded Music
Miscellaneous Expenses
Nordic Footnotes
Total Expenses
Net Income
Beginning Balance
Beginning Balance + Net Income
Ending Balance
Nordahl Grieg Leikkarring og Spelemanslag
Mid-Peninsula Scandinavian Dance
Nordic Footnotes
Total Ending Balance



Sponsors ($100 and up)

Fred Bialy
Liberty Elyash
Carolyn Hunt
Bil Lewis
James Little & Linda Persson
Hans Ola Urstad - Royal Norwegian
Consul General

Patrons ($25 to $99)

Brooke Babcock
David Brown
David & Claire Elliker-Vågsberg
Tom Fischer
Edward & Carol Goller
Anne Glidden Grace
Keith Eric Grant
Chris Gruber
Alan Haskins
Marie Kay Hansen
Nancy Linscott
Loretta Litke
Crystal Lokken
Don Meyers & Kathi Ploeger
Peter Michaelson
Carol & Bob Olson
Michael Palmer
Keith & Lena Rogers
Stephen Taylor
Virginia Thompson
Donna Tripp
Jeanne & Henry Sawyer
Tom Smithberger
Hugh Zike & Jamie Jamieson

Supporters ($10 to $24)

Grace Andrews
Karin Arneson
Mary Hawley
Susan Hedlund
Cassandra Kight
Paul D. Russell

Activities of Northern California Spelmanslag Member Groups

NCS: Northern California Spelmanslag NGS: Nordahl Grieg Spelmanslag
NGL: Nordal Grieg Leikarring BL: Barneleikarring

Weekly   Open Sessions for Fiddlers, Monday evenings in El Cerrito, organized by Fred Bialy.
Weekly  Nordahl Grieg Leikarring, beginning Norwegian dance class and performing group meetings, Wednesdays and 4th Sundays, organizedby Mikkel Thompson.
Weekly  Scandidans, Scandinavian Dance Class at the Nature Friends' Lodge, 3115 Butters Drive, Oakland, organized by Jane and Frank Tripi.
Weekly  Nordic Footnotes Scandinavian Fiddle Class, Friday evenings on the Peninsula, organized by Sarah Kirton and Jeanne Sawyer.
Weekly  Scandinavian Fiddle for Beginning Fiddlers - on the Peninsula, organized by Sarah Kirton.
Bi-Weekly  Mid-Peninsula Scandinavian Dance, Scandinavian dance class on 2nd & 4th Fridays in Atherton, organized by Linda Persson and Henry Sawyer.
Monthly  Nordic Footnotes Dance Party, 3rd Saturdays in Palo Alto, with live music by Nordic Footnotes and other Bay Area musicians. Organized by Jeanne Sawyer and Nordic Footnotes.
Weekly  Barneleikarring, Norwegian dance for children, various locations, organized by Ginny Lee and others.

10/8/99 VASA Lodge meeting, Albany, CA, NCS
10/22-24 /99 Nyckelharpa Staemma with Peter Hedlund, co-sponsor with ANA, Redwood City & El Cerrito, CA, NCS
10/22/99 Heritage Night, Sons of Norway, Bjornson Hall, Oakland, CA. NGL
10/23/99 Oktoberfest, Germania Hall National Guard Armory, San Jose, CA. NGL
10/23/99 Smorgåsbord, Concord Sons of Norway Senior Center, Martinez, CA. NGL
10/24/99 Scandinavian Smorgaasbord, Public Library, Fremont, CA, NGS
11/3 - 5/99 Folkedans Stevne at Camp Norge,Alta, CA, NGL, NGS.
11/11/99 Cultural Night, Concord Lodge, Odd Fellows Temple, Concord, CA. NGL
11/13/99 40th Anniversary Celebration, Scandia Lodge Brooks Ranch Restaurant, Fresno, CA. NGL
11/20/99 Folkdance Concert/Party, San Francisco City College, San Francisco, CA. NGL
12/1/99 Festival of the Trees, Skating Rink Hall, Vacaville, CA. NGL
12/1/99 Lutefisk Dinner, Nordahl Grieg Lodge, San Jose, CA, BL
12/4/99 Lutefisk Dinner - Nordahl Grieg Lodge, Nordahl Grieg Hall, Los Gatos, CA. NGL, NGS
12/7/99 Festival of the Trees, Vacaville, CA, BL
12/99 Santa Lucia Festival, Santa Cruz, CA, BL
1/14/00 Installation of Officers, Nordahl Grieg Lodge, Nordahl Grieg Lodge, Los Gatos, CA. NGL, BL
1/15/00 Heritage Festival, Penn. Folk Dance Council, Community United Church , San Carlos, CA. NGL
1/28-30/00 Family Dance Camp, Alta, CA (Camp Norge), BL
2/6/00 Nordmanns Forbundet meeting, Bjornson Hall, Oakland, CA. NGL
2/12/00 Norwegian Entertainment, Paradise Valley Estates, Fairfield, CA. NGL
3/11/00 Camellia Festival, Cal State U at Sacramento, Sacramento, CA. NGL
3/31 - 4/2/00 Camp Norge Folkedans Stevne, Semi-annual Norwegian dance retreat/workshops Alta, CA, NGL , NGS.
4/15/00 International Spring Festival, "I" House, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA. NGL
4/29/00 Spring Concert Fundraiser, Senior Center, Redwood City, CA. NGL, NGS, BL
5/5/00 House Concert of Hardingfele Music, Hilde Kirkebøen, Karin Code & Sarah Kirton, Los Altos, CA, NCS
5/6 - 7/00 Norway Day Festival, Festival Pavilion, Ft Mason San Francisco, CA. NGL, NGS, BL
5/14/00 Norwegian Constitution Day Celebration, Music Concourse, GG Park, San Francisco, CA. NGL
5/17/00 Syttende Mai Celebration, Salem Lutheran Home, Oakland, CA. NGL
5/17/00 Syttende Mai Celebration, Norwegian Seaman's Church, San Francisco, CA. NGL
5/19/00 Syttende Mai Celebration, Vigeland Son's of Norway, Redwood City, CA. NGL
5/ 21/00 Barnas Dag , Fort Mason, SF, CA, BL
6/3/00 Ibsen Park Opening, Henrik Ibsen Park, Woodside, CA. NGL
6/10/00 Midsummer Festival, Valhalla Lodge, Jade Street Park, Capitola, CA. NGL
6/00 Midsummer Festival, Santa Cruz, CA, BL
6/17/00 Wedding Reception for Valerie and Jon Anders, Henrik Ibsen Park, Woodside, CA. NGL, NGS
7/1/00 Sunday Afternoon Performance, Utsira Community Center, Utsira, Norway. NGL, NGS
7/4/00 Immigration Parade and Festival, Stavanger Sentrum, Stavanger, Norway. NGL, NGS
7/6/00 Nordleik, Outside the Oil Museum, Stavanger, Norway. NGL, NGS
7/8/00 Nordleik, Kappleik (Competition), Stavanger Norway. NGS
7/13/00 Cultural Evening, Evju Bygdetun, Bø i Telemark, Norway. NGL,NGS
7/13/00 Daughters of Norway Convention, Harrah's Convention Center, Reno, Nevada. NGL
8/19/00 Rasmussen Family Reunion, Mikie Grove Auditorium, Lodi, CA. NGL
9/1/00 House Concert of Hardingfele Music, Harp & Song, Toby Weinberg & Karen, Los Altos, CA, NCS
9/2/00 Dance Party with Toby Weinberg, San Jose, CA, NCS
9/2/00 Hughes' 50th Wedding Celebration, Westin St Francis Hotel, San Francisco, CA. NGL
9/19/00 Monthly Birthday Celebration, Garfield Park Village, Santa Cruz, CA. NGL
9/23 - 25/00 Skandi Fest, Turlock, CA. NGL, NGS, BL