Submission of Newsletter and Web Page Calendar Items

Submission of Newsletter and Web Page Calendar Items
The following are suggestions for those submitting calendar items for publication in the Newsletter or on the NCS Web Page.  In general, the web page may contain more details than the newsletter, because of space/mailing weight considerations.  For those without email - no, we're not putting less in the newsletter calendar, we're just expanding it on the web page.  (Jim and Sarah’s addresses can be found above.)
1) if we ask for a contact method, always include a phone number, not everyone has email.

2) time & place of the event.

3) location of event, directions to get there if needed, or how to obtain directions (who to phone, email, etc).

4) cost of event - we haven't always been including this, we hope to begin to.

5) special schedules around holidays, summertime, etc.

6) tell us if there’s a change in time (or location, price, etc) - for two reasons - so that we don’t say - “oh yes, that’s the same group as before” and miss changing the time, and so we can put in in bold to alert our readers to a change.

7) registration deadline, where to get registration forms, etc, if applicable.

8) if it's a special event, include a brief description, or a even a paragraph we could publish if the timing's right and space allows.  Our primary emphasis is folk music and dance, but paragraphs (or very occasionally whole stories!) on other Scandinavian cultural events are more than welcome depending on space and timing. (see below for publication schedule)

9) contact people for info for those reading calendar (eg, phone #,  address, regularly read email - if you read it only every 2-4 days, warn folks, if only once every week or so - probably best to forget it!)

10) Contact people for we who create the calendar - you can specify not to publish this particular information - it's just for us to check to see that our info is ok or if you want to update anything when the next publication date rolls around.  Again - specify phone #, email, etc.

11) Any other pertinent information.
We hope to publish on the following rough schedule:
Vol. 11, No.  1 late February - early March
Vol. 11, No.  2 late May - early June
Vol. 11, No.  3         late August - early September
Vol. 11, No.  4 late November - early December.                                  §