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April 19-22, 2019
Springdans NW 2019, Seabeck Conference Center, Seabeck WA. Featuring dances and music from Eastern Dalarna, Sweden. For more information

April 25-29, 2019
Spring Springar Spree, Takoma Park MD (near Washington DC). You’re welcome to ATTEND ALL OR PART OF THE WEEKEND.  There are friendly folks to chat with and goodies to nibble, whether or not you’re taking part in what’s scheduled.  Featured DANCE TO BE TAUGHT IS HALLINGSPRINGAR, with stellar Norwegians who got rave reviews at Mendo 2018.  (We request somewhat faster pace to cover more details, yet new dancers are "welcomed, encouraged, and assimilated" here as always.)  THURSDAY EVENING CONCERT by our multitalented Norwegian guests.  THREE DANCE PARTIES with wide variety of music, incl springars, gangars, pols, rull, waltz, Reinlander, and likely a little Swedish (nyckelharpa!).  ALL-LIVE MUSIC by two top US Hardanger fiddlers and friends.  (The magical Hardanger fiddle has sympathetic strings under the bowed strings--see  Springar music is in 3 like waltz, but with distinctive regional lilts in the rhythm.)  Hardanger fiddlers and wannabes, please contact us as early as possible to schedule HARDANGER FIDDLE LESSONS OR CLASSES.  JAM/PRACTICE SPACE for Norwegian or Swedish throughout.  COZY SUNDAY BRUNCH POTLUCK.  Beginners, part-timers, listeners/watchers ALL VERY WELCOME.  No need to bring a dance partner because we mix, and some enjoy the challenge of switching gender at times so all can dance.  Contact is Jenny, pi~at~xecu~dot~net, C24O344OO66.  See MAND.FANITULL.ORG/HOME/SPRING-SPRINGAR-SPREE.

June 23-30, 2019
Nordic Fiddles and Feet, Camp Ogontz, near Littleton NH. This year's music and dance program will feature Springleik fra Vågå, Hamburska I och II, Polska från Hogdal-Lommeland, Polska från Ture Bäckstam, Östsvensk slangpolska, and Schottis från Övermyra. for more information see

July 18-21, 2019
2019 Hardanger Fiddle Music and Dance Workshop, Folklore Village, Dodgeville WI. Featuring traditions of Valdres, Norway. For more information see

August 16-18, 2019
Norsk Folkedans Stemne, Poulsbo WA. Featuring Folkedanslaget BUL Tromso, Norway. For more information

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